Lesson #1 from Zafiria Kostopoulou


It consists of the 24 letters, which are presented below, along with their pronunciation and phonetics. After this presentation, I give you the location of each greek letter on the keyboard (after you've followed our friend n1kos's instructions on how to adjust your computer with just a few clicks, in order for it to support Greek, at: ).

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New Greek Course for our community

Zafiria Kostopoulou has created a greek course in her blog at Multiply ( and I thought it would be a good idea to use it in our community since we don't have something else running right now. I contacted her and asked her if we could use the lessons and she agreed.

So every post containing the link image below will be lessons from her greek course and everything contained in those posts is credited to her (unless otherwise stated).

Other than that, the procedures remain as were. Questions, comments, help requests are as always encouraged.

It's a great opportunity for the new members of our community that missed our previous courses and I hope we'll have a working participation.

Have fun, people!

PS. I'll try and post each lesson every Monday. But please let me know which day of the week is more convinient to you!